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Hearing Officer and Arbitrator

 Ms. Moreno hears administrative hearings for various governmental agencies including Los Angeles County Employee Retirement Association (LACERA), Los Angeles County Civil Service Commission, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power , and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The matters that come before Ms. Moreno range from discipline and termination of employees to   disability retirement issues for L A county employees; water and gas billing disputes; and securities disputes between brokers and investors.


Elizabeth a. Moreno began her dispute resolution practice in 2001. She has resolved hundreds of disputes and focuses in areas which formed the base of her legal career. She mediates cases in her Los Angeles office and serves as a mediator for Riverside And Orange Counties And the United States District Court-Central District. She helps resolve employment, insurane disputes and coverage, small business disputes, real property and personal injury.  She is adept in handling emotion and quick on the uptake in understanding legal issues.

The mediation hourly rate is $350 per hour. If a matter is assigned through the Riverside , Orange County Superior Courts or United States District Court, the fees posted by the court will apply. All mediations are held in her office or by telephone..  ​

Legal Representation

The law office of Elizabeth A. Moreno provides quality legal services to businesses and individuals whose priority is to maintain a partnership with their lawyer in an effort to protect themselves, their business and their interests. Ms. Moreno understands the challenges that the law can present to clients and aims to educate and guide the client on their rights and responsibilities under the law. She has had lengthy trials, some more than 2 months long and many involving millions of dollars.  Ms. Moreno focuses on matters relating to employment regulations, contracts, employee issues and living trusts.